According to National Geographic, 13 humans had shark injuries in 1996. In comparison, their toilet caused injuries to over 40,000 People. This is a humorous fact to share at a dinner party, but certainly not the first thought that comes to mind if you ever find yourself in the water with a shark.

Few animals have the power to give us nightmares, despite the fact that humans kill almost two million sharks for every one of us they consume. So what’s the best method to get away if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of getting too close to one of these toothy tearaways?

1. Surf smart

Surfers are the targets of around half of all shark attacks. They may mistake the shape of the board above for a seal because they frequently hunt near the coast. Although there is very little possibility that you may run into a shark even if you are in the water frequently, being aware of the risks is a good idea. Surfing alone should be avoided; always go with a group. Shiny jewellery should also be avoided because the sun’s reflection can make it look like fish scales. Avoid surfing at night or early in the morning when sharks are more likely to be feeding, and always heed any warning signs posted on the beach. It all comes down to basic common sense: you should take precautions if you’re in the ocean in a nation where sharks are known to be there.

2. Keep your cool

It’s crucial to maintain your composure if a shark is around. Avoid making a lot of noise or splashing around because doing so will just draw more attention to you. The chances of you outrunning the shark are quite slim, so despite the fact that every instinct will be screaming for you to swim desperately towards the shore, you must gather your wits and prepare to fight it off. The shark might not even be after you, so you should be slowly backing away while keeping an eye on it at all times so you’re prepared for any unexpected movements it may make.

How to fight off a shark

3. Offence is the best defence

Play dead is a popular piece of advice given to persons who are being attacked by lions or bears. There is minimal possibility that this will succeed with a shark. You must launch an assault. Yet when you swim, it’s not exactly feasible to have a weapon with you, so unless you have a surfboard, you’ll have to rely on your own strength. Use your fingers to strike instead of punching or kicking because water resistance will lessen the force of many of your blows. Attack the shark’s eyes, nose, and gills, which are its most vulnerable parts. Dive in and don’t let up until it releases you. If you can, cuddle the shark because they frequently flail about after getting bitten. This lessens its ability to control the struggle and lowers the likelihood that you’ll receive multiple bites.

how to avoid a shark attack and fight it

4. Make like a banana…

…and split. Sharks are not used to their prey making a strong defense. Giving your attacker a hard time can cause it to flee and move on to an easier victim. You must now quickly return to land. If you’re bleeding, attempt to get to shore as soon as you can because injuries that aren’t treated right away often result in fatalities during shark attacks. In the event that no one is close to assist, shout and wave to attract attention. If you’re bleeding, you should try to prevent too much blood from flowing from your wound because this could attract more sharks. This is why you should swim with smooth strokes.