Shark Diving Cape Town is open!

Shark cage diving and viewing tours in Cape Town takes place from nearby Simon’s Town Harbour. The meeting point is at our crewhouse in Simon’s Town. Tours start from R1800 per person.

Shark Diving in Cape Town
  • Dive Tours from: R1800

  • Location: Cape Town

  • Boat-based viewing included

  • Children and non-divers welcome

  • Transport available (Extra cost)

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Shark Diving Cape Town

What will you see Shark Diving in Cape Town?

As Great White Shark sightings have decreased rapidly during 2019, we have experienced an increase in the number of other shark species that visit our boat such as copper sharks and 7-gill broadnose cow shark. We are happy to report a few sporadic great white shark sightings during 2020 and we hope that this means the Great White Sharks will soon be back patrolling our waters in larger numbers again.

Sharks species may include the Great White Shark, Sevengill Cow Shark, Blue Shark, and Mako Sharks.

You might be the next happy diver to cage dive with a great white shark in False Bay, or you may not. Great white shark sightings are not guaranteed in Cape Town, however, your chances of diving with a variety of other species is good. For recent sightings, we invite you to contact us or consider nearby Gansbaai.

Possible sightings also include the Cape Fur Seal, Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin, Brydes Whale, Southern Right Whale, African Penguin and various other sea birds.

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town Trip Summary

Your day starts early morning, 8 am, at our office in Simon’s Town. Enjoy some coffee while observing the dive and safety briefing. Shortly after, we board the boat and set off to Seal Island or Cape Point. During the 25 minutes boat ride, we may encounter whales, seals, dolphins, penguins, and other sea birds.

Shark Cage Diving

After anchoring, the crew will start to chum the waters and lower the cage, securely fastened directly to the side of the boat. Cage divers get about 20 to 30 minutes in the cage before rotating with the next group. You are likely to have a second turn in the cage.

We spend roughly 2 to 3 hours cage diving and viewing sharks as conditions permit. All equipment is included in your tour, and no scuba qualification is needed.

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Shark Diving South Africa
  • SA DISCOUNT 40% 
  • R1450 – SA RATE R800
  • KIDS 5-11 R1040 – SA R300
  • Location: Gansbaai
  • Bottled Water, Coffee, tea and muffins
  • Soup and Bread after Tour
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