False Bay near Cape Town, South Africa, offers the world’s best opportunities to dive with sharks. Very experienced Shark Dive companies are available to make bookings for a truly awesome diving adventure. All diving companies are also actively involved in shark conservation and education. With many years of experience diving in False Bay, they are very keen to show all visitors the best sites for the best shark viewing.

A great variety of shark species live in the waters of False Bay. The awesome Great White Shark can be seen up close from the safety of a diving cage, making this fantastic experience accessible to all ages. Other species that inhabit False Bay are Broadnose Sevengill, Mako, Spotted Gully, Sandbar, Vaalhaai, Puffadder Shyshark, Pyjama, Bronze Whaler, Hound, Requiem and Blue Sharks.

The Great White Sharks, at times, breach out of the water completely while hunting a seal. This behaviour is unique to False Bay. Seal Island, located in False Bay, makes for a perfect hunting ground for these predators. The island is home to the largest colony of Cape Fur Seals in the Western Cape.

The best time for really great shark viewing in False Bay is from February to September when the water is at its clearest. Filmmakers and documentary makers prefer using False Bay to film sharks in their natural habitat. For your diving excursion, the boat leaves from Simon’s Town on a 30-minute trip to reach Seal Island. Then the true adventure begins.