Gansbaai – July, 2019

 July kicked off very slow as great white shark sightings have been low and slow during recent months. During these months the copper sharks were giving our divers and tourists much action and happy cage diving; however, nothing can compare to staring a great white shark in the eye underwater.

Historically the low season for great white sharks in Gansbaai would be from November to March after which you can expect it to pick up to a large number of great white sharks per trip. However, due to many factors, including Orca’s preying on the great whites, the sightings of great whites have decreased in Gansbaai.

The shark boat crew and tourists were thrilled the past month due to the sheer number of great white shark sightings. 4 to 5 Great white sharks per 3 hours on the water seems to be the average right now; however, as we work with nature, the sighting is never guaranteed. Free shark trips offered should you not see any sharks at all (great whites and copper sharks).
Unfortunately, we have missed several tour days due to rough seas but the days that we did manage to go our divers were in for a treat!

4 July White Shark Ventures reported sightings of 3 great white sharks and 5 bronze whaler sharks with a water temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and 4-meter visibility.

The next day we again saw 3 great white sharks with only 1 bronze whaler shark. The bronze whaler sharks do not venture around the boat while the great whites are near.

9 July the water was warmer at 17 degrees Celsius. Sightings included 2 great white sharks 3 bronze whaler sharks.
Gansbaai was cooking with great white sharks again on the 10th and 11th with 4 great white sharks per trip. Water also warmed up to 18 degrees Celsius and the visibility was 5 meter – just as we would expect from our winter season!

During our 2 trips on 13 July we encountered no less than 9 great white sharks and the next day we had another incredible day as we cage dived with 8 great whites.

And this is how July continued for the shark divers and viewers in Gansbaai with a daily average of 4 to 5 great white sharks per day.

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