Gansbaai – June 18th, 2019

 Today was a fantastic day out on the blue waters of Gansbaai. The skies were clear and bright, and the day was like a typical summer day. The shark boats had amazing Great White Shark inter-action as well as some Bronze Whaler Sharks and short tail Stingrays wanted to be part of the fun. Several different White Sharks were observed, including a new juvenile Great White that was documented for the first time this morning on the boat Slashfin, operated by Marine Dynamics. Also seen was a 4.5 female exploring the area.

The Stark Family from Germany, with two young boys, had an unforgettable adventure today with Shark Lady Adventures. They enjoyed viewing and cage diving with 2 Great White Sharks and three Bronze Whaler Sharks. Surely a memory they will treasure forever! We are so blessed to be part of shaping the young minds of our children, where in today’s world the education of preserving Mother Earth is of critical importance.