White Shark Diving Company

White Shark Diving Company is more than just a diving company – we are deeply committed to conservation. We are one of just 8 cage diving operators based in Gansbaai – the ‘Great White Shark Capital of the World’.

White Shark Diving Company is a founding member of the Great White Protection Foundation and has been a leading voice in the call for operators to collaborate in protecting the dwindling number of sharks and other marine species off the coastline of South Africa.

A crucial part of our initiative is to educate local and international visitors about the conservation plight of the great white shark. We run daily trips to educate guests about great white sharks and our current conservation initiatives. Our cage diving trips give visitors the opportunity to see great white sharks in their natural environment, where their grace and beauty is most evident.


White Shark is a 12 meter long sea-cabin cruiser Cat. It has been custom built to the specifications require.

d in the shark cage diving industry. She is the most recent boat built in the shark cage diving industry with the most modern design and requirements installed.

She is equipped with the most environmentally friendly outboard engines with reduced emissions: The new 4-stroke outboard – with 4.0 litre displacement, a 24-valve V6 powerhead with dual overhead Suzuki, offers more speed, more acceleration and more performance than any outboard ever made.

The cage is dropped at the diving site and guests are allocated diving gear. Guests take consecutive turns in the eight-man floating cage to experience thrilling underwater views of this majestic apex predator. Wetsuits and all needed equipment are supplied.



Get your adrenaline pumping with a shark cage diving trip where you will be closer than ever before to one of nature’s most astonishing creatures.

We limit the number of passengers to 22 people per trip in order to provide a more exclusive experience.

The duration of the excursion from your time of arrival at our premises to your time of departure is approximately four and a half hours. The time spent at sea from launch to return to the harbour is approximately 2 – 3 hours, and the exact dive/cage time, as well as the number of dive sessions, differ from day to day, depending on shark activity and sea conditions. When making your booking, please ensure that you have the full day available for this excursion as we cannot guarantee start or finish times in advance.

The cage will be lowered, wetsuits provided, and video footage was taken when shark activity allows for cage diving to commence. The captain is authorised to make any changes to onboard trip activities based on safety measures and shark activity.

Shark activity takes place on and just below sea level. No scuba gear or diving certification is required as the free-floating cage is attached to the side of the boat. Sharks are extremely sensitive to vibrations caused by air supply and the breath-holding method is the most effective way of enjoying close encounters with sharks.

Kindly bring your own towel as we are deeply committed to all conservation efforts during the current water crisis and will have minimal towels available.



Participants in the programme will assist with data collection and data management for the projects outlined above. Volunteers will gain a considerable amount of sea experience and valuable research skills, both on our cage diving boat and dedicated research vessel.

Daily activities include cage-diving trips, shark tagging trips (from our research boat and from the shoreline), snorkeling for sharks in the kelp forests, beach clean-ups, equipment maintenance, video analysis, data entry and dorsal fin ID analysis. Volunteers will get to interact daily with our scientists and learn all about the Great White Sharks and other marine wildlife in our area. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the local community by supporting our shark conservation, education and outreach projects.

We endeavour to make your time with us a personal and career-building experience, providing extensive training in all projects and tailoring the volunteer programme to meet your individual needs. Included in the programme are several chances to be involved with cage-diving activities and come face to face with the magnificent Great White Shark in an unforgettable diving experience!

R2200 p/p


  • Breakfast
  • drinks & snacks on board
  • light lunch
  • all diving equipment
  • dry towels.