White Shark Ventures

White Shark Ventures prides itself in being customer-focused. Personal attention, your safety and having amazing sightings are the main priorities of your divemaster and crew. As one of the longest standing operators in Gansbaai, you are definitely in good hands.

All crew are highly qualified Skippers & Divemasters. They are also trained as paramedics.



Boat: Tomcat, 11m long, 3.6m wide.

Passengers: 25 + 3 Crew.

Cage: 5 to 7 Divers per rotation. Cage time varies between 20 good shark passes and/or 20 minutes. Divers rotate and may enter the cage for a 2nd or 3rd time.

5mm Wetsuits are available to all passengers. You may decide on the boat whether to dive or not. Weight belts available.


A scuba certification is not a necessity in order to dive in the cage, as we make use of snorkeling equipment 90% of the time, where the dive takes place just beneath the water surface. This makes it possible for even the inexperienced diver to enjoy a cage dive.

Diving takes place under strict supervision of our qualified Dive Master who makes use of a quick and effective rotational system with 4 to 5 divers down at a time. Once the rotation is completed it will be repeated, therefore ensuring that each diver can take as many dives as possible. Time spent in the cage depends on weather/water conditions, shark activity and eagerness of each diver. The Dive Master will ensure you have had a fair chance at viewing the sharks before asking the next group to enter the cage. We rarely have more than 18 divers on board at a time, ensuring maximum cage diving time for all divers. Our cage is situated next to the side of the boat and once ready to take the dive, our Dive Master would assist the diver into the opening at the top of the cage. Once in position, the divers head would be no more than half a meter below the surface. A free-board of approx. 30cm allows the diver to rise to the surface and effectively communicate with the Dive Master on the boat. Divers would secure themselves by holding onto the convenient cross bars, situated at the top of the cage

Please note that diving is not always guaranteed since we work 10 km out at sea and only know what the shark activity and sea conditions are like once we arrive at the dive site. We are, however, able to continue with diving 95% of the time.

Sharks are surface feeders by nature, ensuring spectacular surface action which often takes place “too close for comfort”! Surface viewers, therefore, take the pound seat on our specially designed observation platform, with camera’s close at hand.

From the safety of the boat, you are able to photograph your friend/s in the cage and at the same time follow the sharks as they move around the boat and cage. Be careful not to miss out on good photographs. Breaching often takes place in the high season and if you are not 100% ready, you may miss out on the photo of a lifetime.


Our crew has the highest qualifications in the industry and due to years of service, are also the most experienced. Our skipper is the longest employed skipper in the shark cage diving industry and knows the sea and its conditions like the back of his hand. Most of our crew have remained in our employ for the past 20 years, a guarantee that their knowledge of the sea, its conditions and the sharks are the best you will find.

Our shark experts do shark field data research on a daily basis and are exceptionally passionate about what they do. They have experience in the filming field and have worked with many professional filming and photography company from across the globe, which includes Animal Planet, National Geographic, but to only name a few. At the same token, they have accumulated sea hours documenting field research footage with these award-winning film teams as well as magazines worldwide, which included several local and international fashion shoots. Crew qualifications consist of the following:

SATOUR Registered Tour Guides

Level III Medics

PADI Dive Masters

A1(1) Commercially Licenced Skippers (Registered with SAMSA)

ICASA Licensed Radio Operators

Qualified Shark Handlers

PDP licenced drivers

Medical Support & Advanced First Aid

Rescue at Sea

Fire Fighting at Sea

R2000 p/p

Incl: Breakfast, lunch, all equipment, towel, drinks & snacks on board.
No sightings: Come again for FREE!