Terms and conditions

Shark Cage Diving requires a 24-hour free cancellation period in order to avoid the full tour charge. A valid refund may incur a 10% handling fee on voucher purchases.

In these Terms and Conditions, defined words are used and referred to below – these words have the following meaning:
1.1. “CPA” means the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 and the Regulations, as amended;
1.2 “Merchant” means a third party who provides the services and products in exchange for a valid redemption code.
1.3 “Product(s) and services” means the specified goods and/or services described in the offer which are provided by a Merchant in exchange for a valid redemption code;
1.4 “Register” means entering your first name, last name, email address, city, selecting a username and password to create an account on the website;
1.5 “Voucher/s” means a prepaid deal which is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which, if bought by You, allows You to redeem/use it at a Merchant in exchange for services and products based on the terms and conditions of the deal;
1.6 “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions;
1.7 “You” means the user of the Website and the buyer of deals;
1.8 “Us” and “We” means White Shark Divers (Pty) Ltd, a private company duly incorporated in accordance with the company laws of the Republic of South Africa acting as an agent on behalf of the Merchant;
1.9 “Website” means the Website located at www.whitesharkdivers.co.za
1.10 “Coupon” means a discretionary discount provided by White Shark Divers, usually with limited validity. Can be a fixed Rand value or percentage.
1.11 “Redemption Code” means a unique alphanumeric code that is issued by the Website’s automated system which is issued to Your registered email address once payment has been received. This unique code must be presented to the Merchant when making use of the Service

2.1 Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. When registering an account with Us, You are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are made between You and Us.
2.2 These Terms and Conditions are applicable when You access and use the Website.
2.3 You may not buy an offer/deal unless You accept these Terms and Conditions.

3.1 The content contained on this Website may be used by You for your own personal, non-commercial shopping and information purposes only.
3.2 To use the Website and to buy a Voucher You must be 18 years old or over.
3.3 These Terms and Conditions are a written contract between You and Us and any other terms do not form part of our contract unless they are made in writing and signed by You and Us.
3.4 If any one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions should become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, such provision will be set apart from these Terms and Conditions, and the validity, legality and enforceability of the rest of the provisions will not in any way be affected.
3.5 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

4.1 We are an intermediary as defined in the CPA between You and the Merchant. This means that we represent the Merchant by offering and selling You the Deal
4.2 The Products /Services will be supplied to You by the Merchant and not by Us.
4.3 If You have any problem with the Products /Services, You must take it up with the Merchant first. Should there be an unacceptable outcome you can then make contact with White Shark Divers to assist further.

5.1 You can make use of a credit or debit card, Instant Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer, or White Shark Divers Gift Card when buying a Voucher on the Website.
5.2 When You make use of a credit or debit card to buy Deals / Offers, your card details are transmitted by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). At no time are your card details stored on our server.
5.3 We will send You an email with your valid Redemption Code after You have paid for it and it then becomes your property. The transaction between You and Us is then concluded in terms of the CPA.

6.1 Once You receive the valid Voucher by email, you must print the PDF out and take it with You to the Merchant on the day of your booking.
6.2 The redemption code will have additional information which you will need in order to make your booking.
6.3 When You go to the Merchant, You must present the printed Voucher to receive the Products / Services.
6.4 It is the Merchant’s responsibility to provide You with the Products / Services and, should You not be happy with the Products / Services after You have received them, you need to take this up with the merchant directly. In the case where a dispute of this nature is unresolved, you can contact White Shark Divers for assistance. White Shark Divers cannot guarantee a satisfactory resolution as We are a third party agent only and cannot guarantee the delivery of services/products.
6.5 Merchants have their own applicable terms and conditions, in relation to the supply of the Products / Services and You must find out what those terms and conditions are before You redeem your code.
6.6 You may not copy the redemption code and try to redeem the same deal more than once.

7.1 We act purely as the intermediary/agent, and the expiry date of each offer is determined by the Merchant.

8.1 A valid refund request may be submitted to White Shark Divers in writing by emailing info@whitesharkdivers.co.za No other means of refund request will be accepted.

8.2 A valid refund may incur a 10% handling fee.
8.3 Should a redemption code show as being redeemed by the merchant, White Shark Divers reserves the right to withhold a refund unless the merchant confirms that the service/product was not delivered.
8.4 Once an offer has expired as per the stated expiry date on the deal, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to request a refund within 4 weeks of the expiry date. If this deadline is not met no refunds will be issued. The onus lies with the purchaser to make use of the Voucher/redemption code within the stated validity period.
8.5 Payments made by credit or debit card will only be refunded back to the credit card In the case of an EFT a cash refund will be repaid to confirmed bank account details as provided by the purchaser in writing. You are entitled to request that refunds are converted to White Shark Divers Gift Card.

We are not liable for errors or omissions (for example incorrect pricing, values, contact information, changes in merchant business address et al). We will use reasonable endeavours to correct any errors or omissions as soon as possible after being notified of them. We reserve the right to change, modify, substitute, suspend or remove without notice any Deal, Redemption Code, Item, Services or information on the Site or forming part of the Services.

10.1. Coupons are issued at White Shark Divers’s sole discretion and we are entitled at any time to correct, cancel or reject a Coupon for any reason (including without limitation where a Coupon has been distributed in an unauthorised manner). Users do not have a right to Coupons, and Coupons cannot be earned. Coupons are issued under specific terms and conditions regulating when and how they may be used.