Shark Cage Diving Cape Town is available daily and includes sightings of the magnificent apex predator, the Great White Shark and Copper Shark. Gansbaai, near Cape Town, is considered the Mecca of Great White Shark Cage Diving in the World and cage dive trips take place here daily from Kleinbaai harbour, all year round, as weather permits.

 Shark cage diving in Cape Town

A great variety of shark species live in the waters of Cape Town and surrounds. The awesome Great White Shark can be seen up close from the safety of a diving cage, making this fantastic experience accessible to all ages. No dive qualification is needed to enter cage and children from as young as 10 can join in the adventure.

The Great White Sharks, at times, breach out of the water completely while hunting a seal. This behaviour is unique to Cape Town. Seal Island, located in False Bay, makes for a perfect hunting ground for these predators. The island is home to the largest colony of Cape Fur Seals in the Western Cape.

Shark cage diving day trips in Cape Town launch from the Simon’s Town Harbour and the top operators include Shark Explorers, owned and run by the great white shark filmmaker and photographer, Morne Hardenberg. He is an expert at filming Great White Shark behaviour, both above and below the water, whether with or without a cage. His work is often featured on the BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic Channel.

Shark Explorers is one of few cage diving operators in Cape Town and Gansbaai that offer the hookah system to qualified divers making for an extraordinary cage dive!

Your day trip with Shark Explorers starts between 6am and 7am in the Simon’s Town Harbour. After boarding the boat, the crew will give you a safety briefing after which you set off on a short ride to seal island. Clients are briefed on shark hunting behaviour and what they can expect.

Up to 2 hours are spent viewing natural predatory interactions between sharks and seals and towing a decoy to entice a breach so clients can get a picture.

The boat is then anchored and chumming for great white sharks start whilst the cage is lowered into the water. The cage is suitable for 5 divers at a time and hookah is available to qualified divers. Remember to request the hookah when you book. Time spent cage diving depends on the conditions and the activity of the sharks.

Perhaps you hope to see the famed Air Jaws whilst in Cape Town? Chris Fallows facilitated many iconic shark films and documentaries over the years. His company, Apex Shark Expeditions, offers shark cage diving and other shark expeditions from Simon’s Town, a mere 45 minutes from the city. Their dedicated team love what they do. It’s their passion and expertise that makes each expedition a personal and highly rewarding one.

Apex Shark Expeditions’ expertise and professionalism have allowed them to facilitate, and even host, many well-known shark documentaries over the years. These include: Discovery Channel’s Air Jaws 1 & 2; Ultimate Air Jaws; Air Jaws Apocalypse; Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, BBC Planet Earth’s Great White Shark segment and National Geographic’s JAWS – 25 Year Anniversary.
When looking for an intimate and educational shark trip in a small group with an eco-friendly approach to expeditions you cant go wrong with choosing Apex Shark Expeditions.

When shark sightings are slow in Cape Town, many tourists opt for a day trip to Gansbaai. This small fishing town, a mere 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town airport, is hailed the Capital of The Great White Shark. Gansbaai operators offer a return shuttle trip to tourists based in Cape Town.

Regular white shark sightings in Gansbaai have been disrupted in very recent years partially due to killer whale attacks however the sharks are returning to the area and operators reported consistent sightings since mid-2019.

Gansbaai offers several shark cage diving operators to choose from. Different sized boats offer different advantages. If you are prone to severe seasickness you may prefer a larger boat such as with Marine Dynamics or Great White Tours with Brian McFarlane. Perhaps you prefer a smaller boat like that of White Shark Projects.

Other species that inhabit Cape Town waters are the Broadnose Sevengill, Mako, Spotted Gully, Sandbar, Vaalhaai, Puffadder Shyshark, Pyjama, Bronze Whaler, Hound, Requiem and Blue Sharks.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a shark lover, ticking off your bucket list checklist or trying to overcome your fear of sharks, do not leave Cape Town without getting up close and personal with a shark!