Gansbaai operators have had some amazing great white shark sightings during recent months, despite the great white sharks not being seen in Cape Town anymore. Book your shark trip in Gansbaai here.

Gansbaai is a 2 ½ hour drive from the Cape Town city centre and is known as the Mecca or Capital of the Great White Shark.

Great white shark numbers have decreased and sightings are lower than usual however the Gansbaai boats continues to have great white shark sightings between the 7 boats in the Gansbaai shark cage diving and viewing fleet. Pre-storm, the latest great white sightings include several days during December, with the most recent great white sighting on 18 December.

A typical day shark diving in Gansbaai will have you cage diving with sharks – great whites or copper sharks. As the great whites numbers decreased, the Copper shark sightings have increased and cage diving now offers a chance to see these amazing sharks, that grow up to 3.5 meters, from the boat and cage. Whilst most days we cage dive with copper sharks, there is every chance that the next shark to pass by the cage is a great white shark, as many of our clients have experienced.

Great white shark numbers are thought be be dwindeling, not only due to Orca predation but also over-fishing of South Africa’s fish stocks. You can show your support against over-fishing in South Africa by signing a petition like this one… .

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