The renowned great white sharks reside off the shore of Gansbaai. For those who have the courage to enter the water and swim with these incredible creatures, the town offers an unforgettable experience. There are several businesses that will take you out to sea in a cage and give you the opportunity of a lifetime, but many people recommend contacting Shark Divers.

Before cage diving with great white sharks, you should be aware of these three things. This article will concentrate on safety measures as well as what you can do to avoid any potential seasickness ailments.

Shark cage diving need to know
  1. Eat a quick breakfast because you won’t have another meal until you get back to land and you’ll probably be on the boat for three to four hours. Prior to boarding the boat, be mindful of how much you eat and drink to prevent your body from turning against you and making you sick once you’re on the water.
  2. Before boarding the boat, consider eating some chewing gum if your eardrums tend to pop. This can assist balance your ears and lessen any discomfort you could experience while swimming with sharks.
  3. You can take any seasickness medications you may have before to boarding the boat. Most pharmacies carry these tablets, which are best taken in the morning rather than later in the day.
Shark diving need to know

We hope these few suggestions will help make sure your vacation is safe and enjoyable, whether it has been a long-held ambition of yours or something more impulsive!

Cage diving with great white sharks is reportedly a memorable experience, as you may have heard. While this is true, you should still take certain safety steps before boarding the boat to ensure that everything goes as planned and that your body doesn’t rebel by making you feel ill or uncomfortable.

It’s vital to know that you can unwind and enjoy some refreshments at one of the many restaurants in Gansbaai after your thrilling experience with the sharks before heading back home.