A species of bullhead shark in the Heterodontidae family is also known as the Japanese Bullhead Shark. Primarily found off the coasts of China, Korea, and Japan in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

Japanese Bullhead Shark

The Japanese Bullhead Shark is a moderately sized shark that can grow to a maximum length of 1.2 meters. It features a cylindrical body, a short, wide head, and the traditional bullhead shark’s blunt, pig-like snout. The incurrent and excurrent openings of the nostrils are separated by lengthy skin flaps that extend to the mouth. The front teeth are small with a strong central cusp and two lateral cusplets, while the rear teeth are large and rounded. The jaw is almost at the point of the snout.

The first dorsal fin is rather falcate and quite big, high, and long. While considerably smaller, the second dorsal fin has a similar form. Despite being larger than the first dorsal fin, the pectoral fins are substantially smaller. Far in front of the caudal fin is the anal fin. Large and rough dermal denticles are particularly noticeable on the body’s sides.

It is an oviparous species. From March to September, eggs are placed in rocks or kelp at depths of roughly 8 to 9 meters. In roughly a year, eggs hatch, growing to a maximum size of 18 cm. For six to twelve spawnings, females lay two eggs at a time.


Found close to the coast on the continental shelf, usually on rocky or kelp-covered bottoms between 6 and 37 meters deep. prefers rocky terrain with reefs and kelp, as well as temperate water.


The Japanese Bullhead Shark is a sluggish predator that hunts for crustaceans, molluscs, tiny fish, and sea urchins by swimming around the sea floor and alternating between pectoral and pelvic fin movements.


Although gillnet fisheries and possibly other fisheries in its range catch this species as bycatch, it is likely of little interest to fisheries. For this species, there are presently no conservation measures in place. The biology and habitat of this species need more study.

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